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The Hair Does Best When at Rest! - Sojourna Worthy


So Worthy Products was birthed after discovering a recipe that provided an overall solution to my own issues with a dry itchy scalp and length retention. Each product serves a specific purpose to help your hair become healthier, more manageable, and less burdensome, as some naturals often deal with.


As a true natural - meaning hair that is non-relaxed or chemically treated - I have found that protective styles work well with growing my hair. We encourage our clients to put the hair in a place of rest and use the right products to stimulate hair growth and health while in protective styles. The latter part is imperative because long hair does not equate healthy hair.​


We always suggest treating the scalp with So Worthy Moisture + Moisture + Moisture. This product protects the hair strands from the drying and brittleness that may be common when wearing protective styles for a prolonged period of time.  In addition, we let our clients know that, So Worthy Astringent alleviates scalp concerns that cause hair trauma like breakage, alopecia, dandruff, and thinning.  As a result, many of our clients have experienced astonishing results using the So Worthy line of products.

What Makes So Worthy so Special

Our advanced and well-formulated blend of 100% natural ingredients including burdock, nettle, horsetail, isopropyl, coconut oil, and shea butter, is designed to leave the hair soft and manageable. This level of care helps retain moisture, hair growth, and heals the scalp from most common yet reversible scalp traumas.  Whether you're of protective style is braids, twists, or crochet braids, just "Spray Your Crown Down, Keep Your Hair Around" using our advanced formula of natural herbs and vitamin-infused products on your scalp daily.

about sojourna

Sojourna Worthy is a natural hair care specialist with over 25 years experience as a Master Barber Stylist.  She is a Certified Trichologist, creator of SoWorthy Products, and the owner and operator of Twist It Sistah Salon located in Oklahoma City. Mrs. Worthy is committed to a creating and maintaining a culture of creativity, growth, and mutual prosperity by inspiring education, providing and teaching quality techniques, and teamwork.


Sojourna is lovingly known in her community as, "Your Healthy Hair Travel Guide” because of her commitment to being a top of the line healthy hair designation for those she serves. She is dedicated to serving her community by teaching them to understand and appreciate their natural beauty, by focusing on the positive attributes of textured hair, its strengths, luster, and ability to grow. 


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